Bufalini Law

About the Company

Bufalini Law is an experienced firm dedicated to pursuing rightful compensation for victims of personal injury. The company handles multiple practice areas including auto, motorcycle, commercial truck, construction, and others.  

As a respected personal injury practice whose legal team has decades of trial experience, Bufalini Law is dedicated to providing solid legal representation for clients throughout Tacoma, Puget Sound, and Bellingham.

Website Goals

Bufalini Law sought a website redesign that would emphasize their unique trial experience and bring in more potential clients. The firm wanted to communicate trust and professionalism, while remaining approachable to their target audience.

Our Solution

We created a website that focuses on building trust and educating potential clients on their legal rights. By creating a design that emphasizes the expertise of the Bufalini Law legal team, we were able to effectively communicate the trial experience that sets this personal injury law firm apart from its peers.


“I really want to thank you for all of your help, patience and hard work on this. I'm so happy with the way you do business. I will recommend you to anyone that can use your services. I've already received compliments on our website :)”
— David A. Bufalini