CB Pacific

About the Company

CB Pacific improves business productivity through recommendations of customized software and industrial automation products. By referring companies to the resources they need for implementing software and processes, CB Pacific is able to help companies extract and process data more efficiently, while avoiding data leaks and intrusions.

Website Goals

CB Pacific's design needs were extensive, as they were in the midst of a full brand restructuring to better solidify themselves as a prominent manufacturer's representative and business optimization firm.

Therefore, their requirements included a website redesign, content additions and restructuring, as well as a new logo and additional branding treatments that reflected their place in the market. Clearly communicating value and organizing their many offerings was high on the list of priorities. 

Our Solution

We worked with CB Pacific to organize their many offerings as well as prioritize those services and products that were most valuable to customers and the company brand.

Structured information architecture was coupled with expert design choices to provide a professional and impactful online presence.