Check Ride

About the Company

Check Ride is a premier CDL training company that focuses on practical skills development for Class A and B CDLs as well as Bus Driver endorsements. They offer a hyper-focused training course for each type of license as well as job placement for newly trained drivers.

Website Goals

To stand out from other CDL training companies, Check Ride wanted to make it easy for potential students to see the unique benefits of working with their one-on-one driving instructors, as well as the success rates they’ve had in placing students.

In addition, Check Ride wanted to highlight the company’s driver training campus as they provide a warm and comfortable indoor practice area, which is unique to their business.

Our Solution

When we redesigned the website, we reorganized the sitemap to place emphasis on the areas most likely to be of interest to a potential student. We also included prominent pictures of their training facilities and instructors to help students visualize themselves actively training with Check Ride.

Finally, we made it simple for potential students to get in touch with questions or to schedule a tour – which in turn made it easier for Check Ride to increase the number of leads they generate through their website.


“I really appreciate Bear Creek Web. You have made my life so much easier! It was a real struggle using the other web design agency I used before you. They over-promised and under-delivered. Just the opposite of Bear Creek Web!”
— Jeff Smith