Eveia Health Care

About the Company

Eveia Health provides a full range of services for operational support and financial analysis for healthcare companies.

With consultants specializing in managed care, joint ventures, operations consulting and support among other areas, the company is capable of providing a fully optimized plan for professionals in the healthcare industry. 

Website Goals

The challenge for Eveia Health was the need to balance inviting design elements with solid functionality. Because the company operates in the healthcare space, they also needed the site to have a personal touch so that visitors had a positive impression of the people on their team. 

Our Solution

We designed the Eveia Health website using soothing colors that went well with the messaging of the company and its brand. In addition to cleaning up their logo, we provided guidance on website structure, pages to include, and formatting options for biographies so that potential clients could get to know the professionals behind Eveia Health right from the start.