Frey Buck

About the Company

Frey Buck P.S. is a legal firm of highly experienced and successful trial lawyers in the areas of business disputes, class action and civil rights claims.

They also have exceptional expertise in business planning, risk management, family law, and probate. The firm combines comprehensive legal knowledge with practical court experience. 

Website Goals

To best capitalize on their proven effectiveness in the courtroom, Frey Buck P.S. required a website that would present their expertise in a way that stood out from other attorneys with less trial experience. 

In addition, because of the busy practice environment, they needed a way to keep people up to date with developments in their firm without the added commitment of a regular blog.

Specifically, the firm wanted to stay away from lengthy and often complex legal content. Instead, their goal was to provide compelling imagery and information that potential clients would find both useful and engaging. 

Our Solution

We designed the Frey Buck site to emphasize results, and chose imagery that would reinforce the idea of trial law versus legal advice outside the courtroom. Their website tells the story of the firm and its legal expertise in a compelling way that places the legal team and their results in the spotlight. 

To keep website visitors informed about the activities of the firm, we created a community and legal involvement section designed to be regularly updated with the latest events of interest to their target audience.