M. Brashem Inc.

About the Company

M.B.I. supplies and distributes graphite, as well as carbon and graphite electrodes to various metallurgical industries.

With the ability to supply and distribute globally, they are well positioned to serve multiple companies that require high quality graphite and carbon electrodes for a multitude of uses. 

Website Goals

Because their company deals in several different product types across multiple industries, M.B.I. wanted a website that would be easy to navigate.

Organization was important as well as imagery. Ideally, they needed a way for potential customers and clients to see the full range of their products without having to do too much clicking.  

Lastly, the company wanted to be certain that there were clear calls to action and that any new design should preserve the brand equity they'd build up over their many years in business. 

Our Solution

Our design for M.B.I. focused on making the subtle grays of graphite and carbon into compelling imagery that reinforced the company's offerings. The homepage presents the four major product offerings immediately, and additional pages delve deeper into the specifics of each product line.

This structure creates the perfect pathway to increase engagement for website visitors who need to know more about a particular product, without overwhelming them with too much information from the start. 

The high contrast of the orange used in the call to action text draws the viewer's eye and makes it easy for visitors to engage and convert.