MBI Rolls

About the Company

MBI Rolls, a division of M. Brashem, Inc., creates various grades of cast iron and steel rolls as well as centrifugal cast rings and carbide rings. MBI Rolls handles the creation processes in house and ensures consistent high-quality production for companies in various industries. 

Website Goals

MBI Rolls was invested in the brand equity they’d built up over the years, yet still wanted to have a fresh new look that would better reflect their expertise and experience. In addition, because of the highly specialized nature of their services, they needed a way to make the entire website more user-friendly and intuitive for their current and potential customers.

Our Solution

Our redesign incorporated the latest in responsive web design, for a sleek, professional presentation across all devices. Through our initial planning stages and throughout the design process, we kept the best elements of their original branding, while updating and optimizing user experience.

One of the key changes we made was to the organization of their website. Instead of presenting website visitors with a complete listing of their product types, we created specific customer profiles that allowed companies in different industries to quickly find exactly what they needed without sifting through the entire product catalogue.

The end result has been delightful for both MBI Rolls and their customers, and we are excited to continue our role as their go-to web design firm for yet another new project.