Norton Corrosion Limited

About the Company

Norton Corrosion Limited provides state-of-the-art corrosion protection for metallic structures in a wide range of land and aquatic environments. Their cathodic protection systems are designed to prevent deterioration of essential business and municipal structures such as pier pipelines and power generating facilities.

Website Goals

As a well-known company in their market, Norton Corrosion needed to ensure their website’s redesign could capitalize on their brand’s current equity.

It was also important that the redesign strengthened their relationships with prospective and current clients by providing an engaging experience that was simple to navigate. 

Lastly, Norton Corrosion’s website had an existing ecommerce platform which would need to be modernized as well.

Our Solution

We created a clean design that encapsulated the modern technological approach that NCL takes in its work. Instead of the generalized, static photos used in the original design, we compiled images of specific use cases for the types of buildings and industries that Norton best serves and placed them in a rotating graphic treatment – thereby creating a strong visual resonance for potential clients in need of those services.

In addition, by refreshing the current logo, we were able to preserve the recognizable aspects of the brand while still updating the look to one that could be easily replicated across a variety of platforms.

To unify the website and create a consistent experience across both the informational pages and the ecommerce section, we created multiple templates using the updated design. Ecommerce pages were brought in line with the new look while preserving the necessary functionality from start to finish.

Take a look at the full case study here:

Norton _before -after