Proctor Products

About the Company

As a custom manufacturing service provider, Proctor Products creates a wide range of parts and prototypes made from varying materials.

With decades of experience in custom manufacturing and precision tooling, they are able to handle requests from multiple industries which have exacting accuracy requirements.

Website Goals

Proctor's goals for their website were unique. While they wanted a site that looked more professional and up-to-date than their competitors', they also wanted a site that would attract high-quality employment candidates for their current and future job opportunities.

It was important to Proctor that the site reflect their exceptional workmanship and capabilities, while also positioning the company as a highly desirable place to work long term.

Our Solution

Targeting two very different audiences (prospective clients vs. prospective employees) through the same website required particular attention to the messaging and images used on the site. 

We incorporated images of actual products, projects and the work environment to bridge this gap. By showing Proctor's level of capability, the website ensures that prospective clients understand the full range of projects they can commission. 

Additionally, by showcasing the work environment and actual projects, prospective employees gain a better understanding of the company and the benefits of joining the team.


“Very happy, very nice, very professional and worth every penny. Thanks so much.”
— Randy