WEST Consultants

About the Company

WEST Consultants provides water resources investigations that develop sustainable solutions for both the environment and the people who depend on practical water management policies. 

The company collects data and performs surveys and studies with the goal of providing actionable information for water resource engineering on all levels from local to international.

Website Goals

WEST Consultants had multiple priorities for their new site. They wanted it to be clean, and organized so that essential information could be found quickly. 

While it was important to them to have engaging images, they also wanted to be certain that the images used would not distract from their project reports and news briefs. As a company focused on research and reporting, it was essential to ensure that these elements of the website gained the attention of the audience.  

Our Solution

Our design for WEST Consultants puts the content front and center - both news and highlighted reports that were most likely to be of interest to website visitors. The use of cool blues and imagery with water featuring prominently give the right impression without distracting from the messaging. 

By carefully organizing the services into relevant categories, the website's architecture ensures that it takes only a few clicks to drill down to the specifics of the services that WEST Consultants provides. This makes it easier for potential clients to find the information they need and make the choice to engage with the company.


“I just wanted to say thanks for always being so responsive. Doing business with you has been great and I appreciate that you go above and beyond what would be considered great customer service these days.”
— Ken Puhn