Internet Marketing

Seattle Internet Marketing ServicesWhen compared to offline methods of advertising, internet marketing is one of the most affordable and cost-accountable forms of lead generation available to businesses today. However, it is precisely this "ease of entry" into the online marketplace that leads to so many mistakes and wasted marketing dollars.

In order to achieve a positive ROI for your online marketing, you need a plan that encompasses both best practices and your unique lead generation opportunities. You also need a means of execution that provides for results and accountability. We will help you assess your current online marketing performance and provide the necessary support to improve your results across the board.

Effective Internet Marketing for Seattle Businesses

In order to get the best results from your online marketing efforts, it often requires a holistic approach. Ideally, your online marketing goals should be incorporated into the plans for website design and architecture. These goals should be an integral part of the process that determines the look and feel of your website. However, real-world scenarios often dictate the need for changes to an existing website as well.

We will work with you to improve your company's internet marketing results regardless of the situation.

We improve both content and design through a combination of best practices and data-driven marketing that covers all areas, including:


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a time-tested method for increasing website leads. By appearing in paid search ads, your company has the opportunity to gain highly-targeted website traffic. Search campaigns can drive significant traffic to your website, and you only pay for those users who click on your ad, no matter how many times the ad is viewed.

Once your campaign is active results can be seen in as little as one day. We can target your PPC advertisements in many ways, including geographically. With the addition of website analytics, we can track the results of your search engine marketing (SEM) and continually optimize and improve your PPC campaigns to attain a positive ROI.

Organic Traffic via SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often used in conjunction with paid search to obtain additional web traffic without incurring additional costs. By optimizing your site to show up higher in search results for targeted keywords, we can improve the amount of organic traffic your website sees on a daily basis.

Our Approach to Successful Internet Marketing

Here are a few of the many services we can provide based on your specific needs:

  • Design, Development, and Performance Enhancement to maximize the conversion of visitors to buyers
  • Robust, performance-targeted, SearchWord ("keyword") generation to maximize qualified leads and minimize costs
  • Proprietary strategies that provide visibility for up to 85% of all relevant searches
  • Results-driven content and copywriting to engage qualified visitors
  • Targeted landing page development to maximize visitor conversions.
  • Paid inclusion services to expedite performance
  • Link-development strategies to drive qualified traffic and prove to the major search engines the value of your content
  • "Negative" keyword generation to minimize unqualified visitors and reduce costs
  • Daily search engine advertising ("bid") management to optimize performance
  • Conversion tracking of visitor-to-buyer and visitor-to-inquiry results
  • Weekly performance and ROI reporting to keep you up-to-date on the performance of your PPC marketing
  • Offline strategy consulting to enhance conversion ratio of inquiries to buyers

Search Engine Optimization

Does your company struggle with getting traffic to your website? Often, problems with low traffic numbers can be directly tied to where your listing shows up on the major search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your business get found by more people on a consistent basis. Unlike PPC traffic, which costs money to engage prospective customers, organic traffic is completely free.

At Bear Creek Web, we focus on natural SEO techniques that increase your visibility on major search engines so you get more of this free traffic and more opportunities for conversions and sales.

Successful SEO Strategies

There are two main areas that can be targeted for SEO – onsite optimization and offsite optimization. To be successful, you need to target both. This means you have to optimize your own webpages as well as your overall presence on other sites.

Our Approach to Onsite SEO

While most are familiar with keyword optimization as a primary focus of SEO, onsite SEO is more than just the content on your website. We optimize your webpages on multiple fronts, including:

  • Site architecture
  • Linking conventions
  • HTML tag optimization
  • Site speed evaluation
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword usage

Each of these contributes to how well your site performs in search listings. More importantly, they also contribute to the user experience that visitors have on your website – which in turn affects the number of leads and sales your site can generate.

Our Approach to Offsite SEO

The quality of inbound links to your website has become more important in recent years as Google and other search engines continue to update their algorithms for ranking search results. And with the advent of social and personalized search results, it is just as important to nurture the tweets, +1s and "Likes" your content receives.

We look at offsite SEO through the lens of outside links, social listings and local listings to help you get the kinds of links that improve your website's credibility across all search engines. We help with:

  • Link portfolio audits
  • Quality link building and development
  • Local listings and pages
  • Content repurposing and distribution
  • Research for guest posting opportunities

Recovering from SEO "Penalties"

Search engines are constantly developing new ways to determine what constitutes the "best" content for any given web search. This new level of search engine intelligence means that many sites that used to be in top positions have seen those positions drop on various search engine results pages (SERPs), leading to less traffic and fewer sales.

There can be many reasons that your website's listing has dropped in the SERPs, including SEO efforts by competitors. For those sites that have been penalized, we can help you to address the problem and recover your position organically. Some areas we routinely address and correct are:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Thin or "shallow" content
  • Hidden or cloaked text
  • Bad (Paid) Links
  • Link spam

By handling these issues directly, we can help to eliminate the penalties that search engines have assessed.

Get More Info about Our SEO Services

Search engine optimization is a complex topic that covers several different aspects of design, content, and user experience. Give us a call, or fill out our contact form and let us help you create a plan for search engine optimization that capitalizes on your website's unique opportunities for growth.

Social Media

Effective social media marketing (SMM) provides valuable insights about your company's brand, and can improve the relationship you have with both current and potential customers.

Through a combination of social sentiment monitoring, content development, and interaction with your audience, Bear Creek Web helps your company to increase engagement and conversions via social channels.

Successful SMM Strategies

The best strategies for SMM incorporate both content development and distribution along with audience interaction to give fans and followers a unique experience that fosters positive user sentiment.

Social media marketing offers benefits in several key areas, including:

  • increasing organic rank via personalized search results listings
  • increasing organic rank via keyword-optimized posts
  • improving conversion rates
  • growing your target audience and potential leads
  • establishing subject-matter expertise and authority

Our Approach to SMM

We use multiple research techniques to assess the health of your current social media marketing campaigns, and provide you with solid recommendations to improve the metrics that matter to you. We plan and execute a comprehensive SMM strategy including:

  • evaluation of social media channels for targeting purposes
  • optimized blog post creation and distribution through social media channels
  • optimized press releases written and distributed to top PR channels
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ community management and development
  • audience acquisition strategy and implementation
  • social media reporting and tracking (including growth, brand mentions, etc.)

Learn More about Our SMM Services

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount if information and advice on social media marketing, you aren't alone. Contact us today and we'll help you create and execute a workable plan for social engagement that balances the reality of business demands with the need to grow and nurture your online audience.

Search Engine Marketing

Professional search engine marketing (SEM) is a cost-effective means for companies to gain qualified leads, boost sales and increase brand awareness. Pay-per-click marketing, also known as PPC, is the most commonly recognized form of SEM.  With PPC marketing, companies place ads on search engines or other platforms and pay for each click on those ads.

Successful SEM Strategies

The best SEM strategies are those that take into account the needs and goals of your business. We can help you to improve brand awareness, increase targeted web traffic, or even tailor a solution that combines both objectives affordably. In addition to optimizing the structure of your ad campaigns, we also help to improve conversion rates throughout the funnel, from ads to landing pages and conversion events.

Our Approach to SEM

We work to maximize the return on your SEM budget, and to do that we start by creating a comprehensive plan designed around your company's needs and expectations. Once we have a strategy in place that reflects your unique goals, we get to work. Our SEM services include:

  • Google AdWords PPC
  • Facebook and LinkedIn PPC
  • Other search engine PPC (Yahoo!, Bing, etc.)
  • Professional management & Optimization of every campaign:
    • Ad copywriting suggestions/implementation
    • A/B multivariate testing
    • Ad Quality review
    • Ad group structure & setup
    • Landing page review
    • Landing page creation
    • Ad scheduling and incremental bidding
    • Dashboard setup
    • Content and display networks management
    • Product Listing Ads management
    • Keyword list expansion and reduction
    • Negative keyword list development
    • Keyword match type assessments
    • SEM evaluations and reporting

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With the number of options for SEM services, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business, and even more difficult to assess performance. Contact us today, and let's talk about the options that will work best for your company. Together, we'll come up with a personalized plan to help you reach your target audience effectively.