Web Hosting

Seattle Web Hosting ServicesWith Web Hosting, there's more to consider than bandwidth

Many web hosting companies won't want to admit it, but not all servers are equal. At Bear Creek Web, we had the foresight to strategically locate ours at the data center in Seattle, Washington. It's a stable position right on the Internet backbone, in one of the premier telecom hubs in the nation.

Our web hosting servers are built around high-end, name-brand equipment and we do everything humanly possible to maximize our performance, our uptime, and your security. Backups are performed daily, and we constantly test our own ability to restore data should it be required.

A difference that's anything but virtual

When the goal is to provide results for our clients, the question is never how to do it cheaper; it's how to do it better. So while other web hosting companies keep their hardware and software costs to a minimum and share resources among as many customers as possible, our philosophy is different. We do what makes sense for our clients.

For example, we strictly enforce a maximum of no more than 30 sites on one web server. And we're constantly on the lookout for new hardware and software that will increase our clients' security and the performance of their web sites.

We've also created our own private VLAN, which provides these key benefits:

  • Dramatically improved performance between the web server and database server so that web pages load with lightning speed
  • Increased database security because the database server (Microsoft SQL Server) is pushed back off the Internet. For e-commerce sites and corporate back-ends, this will provide tremendous peace of mind
  • Faster web sites, even for those without databases, because network latency is vastly reduced

A Cisco Hardware Firewall protects all of our equipment that is placed on the VLAN. This decreases the likelihood of your site suffering costly downtime due to hacking, Denial of Service Attacks or viruses. It also allows us to log any attempts at security compromises and respond with appropriate action. Additionally, we can preemptively block major threats such as CodeRed, Bugbear, and Nimda before they even reach the web server.

Our commitment to superior quality web hosting and email hosting gives our clients a distinct advantage in online community-building as well as in the competition for page views, repeat visitors and conversions.

Semi-Dedicated Web Hosting

Our shared and semi-dedicated web hosting environment can be custom tailored to the needs of your business with your over-all Internet strategy and financial goals in mind. The chart below illustrates the costs and benefits of various configurations that can be considered when we conduct our initial planning for your website.

Hosting PricingMarketingBusiness WebBusiness Database
Monthly Price $25 $55 $75
Annual Plan $270 $594 $810
Setup Fee $25.00 $50.00 $50.00
Disk Space 75 MB 300 MB 600 MB
Monthly Data Transfer 5 GB 15 GB 20 GB
Features & Benefits
Dedicated IP   X X
Cisco Firewall X X X
FrontPage Support X X X
Microsoft .NET   X X
Full FTP Access to Server X X X
Secure Server Capability   X X
Urchin Web Site Statistics X X X
Active Server Pages X X X
Microsoft SQL Server - 50 MB 100 MB
Additional Services
Additional Web Storage - $.25 per MB
/ Month
$.25 per MB
/ Month
Additional Data Transfer - $4 per GB
/ Month
$4 per GB
/ Month
SSL Secure Server - $25 / Month $25 / Month

Dedicated Web Hosting

Bear Creek Web offers dedicated servers and hosting solutions for web applications that require on-demand scalability. These solutions can incorporate industry-leading hardware and software from Cisco, Dell, HP and Microsoft. All of our dedicated hosting packages can be configured to include our managed services and multi-backbone Internet access.

As with shared hosting, your optimal dedicated hosting configuration is something we will decide together as we begin to develop your vision for your Website.

SQL Server Hosting

As part of our vision for the level of superior service we want to provide for our clients, we had all of our database servers custom built to our demanding specifications. Each exhibits remarkable performance thanks to the components we used, which include:

  • Dual Processors
  • Intel Server Board
  • 15,000 RPM RAID Hard Drives (5)
  • 24 GB RAM
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Microsoft SQL Server Software

From time to time, a client asks us if it’s worth the extra money to convert a Microsoft Access database to Microsoft SQL server. If this is a question you have, perhaps the following information may help you in your decision-making process.

Microsoft Access vs. Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Access is a very good desktop database. It compares favorably with other file-based databases such as FoxPro, dBase and Paradox, among others. However, it was not designed for enterprise-type environments, or database-driven Websites.

Microsoft SQL Server on the other hand is a world-class enterprise-level database. Companies such as AT&T, Barnes and Noble, Chevron, Compaq and Quest rely on it for mission-critical, Web-based applications. Below are some reasons you should rely on it too.

Advantages of SQL Server vs. Access

SQL Server can allow up to 32,767 connections to the database at the same time. Access has a practical limitation of 3. That’s more than 10,000 times the performance.

Security is close to bulletproof because SQL Server runs on a separate machine from the Website. In our case, the VLAN moves that machine off the Internet entirely. Even if the Website is hacked into, the database will remain secure.

SQL Server provides much faster performance than Access because it runs on a very high-end separate machine that’s only function is to serve databases. This speed differential is magnified with larger databases and when more users are connected to the database.

With an Access database, if a Web server malfunctions, there is a real possibility of data loss. Not the case with SQL Server. Its client-server architecture ensures that the database file is never modified, making data loss virtually impossible.

If you are currently using an Access database, you can achieve additional performance, security, and reliability by migrating your data to Microsoft SQL Server. We would highly recommend that you make this part of your Web strategy if you are in this situation.